• Retail

    Centennial Mall

    The 7 Studio worked on design renovations to refresh the Centennial Mall. Our goals were to increase its accessibility, add more functionality with the help of modern technologies. The redesigned mall now has a few green spaces and improved lighting.

  • Healthcare

    Rehab Center

    In 2017, the 7 Studio was hired to assist in designing their new rehabilitation center for seniors. This new, three-story building is approximately 60,000 sq ft and includes 60 private rooms specially organized to meet any rehabilitation needs.

  • Educational

    1101 University

    This renovation of a historical fraternity building into an extraordinary student habitation was just a small part of the constant refreshment of the Hill District University, neighboring the campus of Colorado University. 

  • Media

    The Wencel Building

    The Wencel Building gained a LEED Gold certificate and includes traditional architectural features in a contemporary facade that merges three adjoining historic buildings.

  • Commercial

    7 Studio's New Home

    After the purchase of a shabby brick warehouse built in 1920 yet located in the center of New York, we decided to plan how to transform it into a new home for our Architecture Studio.

  • Residential

    The Colorado Building

    The Colorado Building is a historic building in downtown Denver. The remodeling and rehabilitation processes were rather complicated as a great deal of research has been made on the subject of preservation of its historic significance.

  • Financial

    City Bank Auditorium

    We reconstructed and built additions to the historic City Bank Auditorium nestled not far from the state Business School campus. This auditorium is part of a huge entertainment complex.

  • Educational

    Public Library

    Our company has been hired to develop a master plan to redesign a public library without compromising the historic significance. We have considered such historical factors as topography and proximity to downtown and schools.

  • Municipal

    Lang Street Residence

    With Basalt construction company, 7 Studio designed renovations and additions to an existed structure acquired by Facilities Management. This empowered the city to extend administrative areas.